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Pi Rotary, a Project From Vintage Upcycling Book

Preview of “Vintage Upcycling With Raspberry Pi and Arduino” ebook with an introduction to the Pi Rotary project.

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Hack a Vintage Radio

The preview of Radio Magic project, included in “Vintage Upcycling With Raspberry Pi and Arduino” book available on Amazon


TFA9894D Audio Amplifier Breakout for Makers

TFA9894D is a 5.6W Class-D boosted audio amplifier with digital input (I2S/TDM) and embedded DSP. This small and efficient breakout board, ideal for makers, has been developed by Dario Murgia, an Italian friend and great engineer living in Nijmegen, NL with which I worked for about one year. He shares his passion for audio, embedded […]

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84ma posizione

A quindici giorni dalla distribuzione su Amazon di “Progetti per maker con Arduino” il libro si trova alla posizione 83 dei 100 bestseller nella sezione Libri in Programmazione. Vi ricordo che il sito contiene allegati e materiale utile per realizzare i progetti presentati nel libro organizzati per capitolo, nella sezione Speciale Arduino (IT).