Welcome to the Art-a-Tronic Open Project. This site is maintained by Seven of Nine, the main character of the Art-a-Tronic interactive event.

The original event ended in July 2019 but it is still alive in this site. Here you will find the reference to the original projects of the exhibition, links, published material and updated posts and documentation on the new projects.

The Art-a-Tronic Open Project has been possible thanks to the support and sponsoring of Element14, Hackster.io, Elegoo, Depot09 Gent, and the Kolder Art Open Space.


a short video story

Episode 1
Preparing the Exhibition in Gent, Belgium
From an idea of Enrico Miglino & Lorenzo Merlo
Episode 2
Working on the exhibition area, Depot09 in Gent and making the technological cages
Episode 3
Building Seven of Nine borg motion
Episode 4
Setting up the installation in the exhibition art space
Episode 5
Seven of Nine: a Borg life
Episode 6
Exploring Art-a-Tronic
Episode 7
The Borg Access Terminal

Art-a-Tronic goes away

When the Exhibition in Depot09 ends, by the end of May, Art-a-Tronic has moved to the Kolder Art Open Space in Gent where it lasted other two months until the end of July 2019

Birth of a Borg
The Art-a-Tronic art concept
The up-down Seven of Nine Borg view inside the exhibition
The interactive exhibition fictionary characters