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Pi Rotary, a Project From Vintage Upcycling Book

Preview of “Vintage Upcycling With Raspberry Pi and Arduino” ebook with an introduction to the Pi Rotary project.

The Pi Rotary moves a step ahead in the class of projects of this book. Regardless of the simplicity of the technology of the device – a mid-‘60s rotary phone – this upcycling work required more time then I expected.  Together with a Raspberry Pi and a few other components, making all the new features working as desired was a challenging and fascinating experience.  This project first appeared on The Shed magazine issue number 89, March/April 2020.

Every time I start changing the behaviour of a vintage object, frequently adding or replacing some original parts with the most recent technologies, it is like to travel with a time machine, take something from the past jumping it to the future. In this case, a rotary phone made up a jump over half a century.

(from the chapter introduction of Vintage Upcycling With Raspberry Pi and Arduino).

From The Shed magazine YouTube channel, the making-of the Pi Rotary upcycling project.

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You can buy the book, this project is one of the inspiring projects I have done and presented in the book. Then, you can use it, as well as designs, sources and all the information included, to make your own.

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