TFA9894D Audio Amplifier Breakout for Makers

TFA9894D is a 5.6W Class-D boosted audio amplifier with digital input (I2S/TDM) and embedded DSP.

This small and efficient breakout board, ideal for makers, has been developed by Dario Murgia, an Italian friend and great engineer living in Nijmegen, NL with which I worked for about one year.

He shares his passion for audio, embedded devices and any kind of making challenge involving audio signals. Happy to share this build he made and soon some prototypes will be available for testing.

Another very appreciated detail of this nice project is that all the information, schemes and documentation are shared Open Source on his GitHub repository.

I can’t wait to try one of them and share the results.

Last but not least, Dario is participating in the PCBWay contest: if you like this nice building like me, don’t forget to vote for his project.

Thank you Dario!

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